Since 2017, our team has succeeded in understanding the needs of the industry and providing reliable services to serve them all.

Company History and Formation

Tele Musketeers is a marketing solution provider, specializing in Business Process Outsourcing. The company has been conceptualized and founded on July of 2017 by two brothers Muammer Shaharier and Md. Ibrahim Alam, later including a third partner Md. Zahir Ahmed. Both founders of the company have spent a considerable amount of time in the Business Process Outsourcing industry venturing both as freelancers and working in other call centers. On realizing the growth potentials of this booming industry, the brothers decided to set up their own business by duly complying with all the necessary licensing requirements of the related authorities.

Currently the company employs 50 agents, supervised by 5 team leader, 1 operations and campaign manager, and 1 IT specialist.

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Quality comes first! We make sure that every minute detail is looked into. Our focus is 100% on client needs and satisfaction.

• Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide sophisticated and state-of-the-art solution to our clients’ marketing needs. We strive not just to provide marketing solutions, but act as our clients’ partners, by representing them as the front line soldiers in the war to gain more market share.

Our employees are at the foremost of our priorities. Call center employees, more often than not, are not fully reimbursed for the hard work they put forth. Industry practice has seen employers keep aside substantial amount of revenue while paying employees a bare minimum. This discrepancy has prompted us to get into the business in the first place. We pledge to always reward our employees for their hard work with proper incentives which, we believe, will ultimately, be translated into enhanced profitability for the company.

• Industry Background

The business process outsourcing (BPO) industry in Bangladesh is excelling at lightning speed. According to Bangladesh’s Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), this industry has been playing a bigger part in generating export revenue as well as creating much needed employment opportunities currently employing in excess of 40000 educated Bangladeshi workers. Moreover, the government of Bangladesh has undertaken an ambitious goal of creating 200,000 jobs through this sector by 2021. In recent years there has been a proliferation of globally competitive companies emerging in Bangladesh. These companies have successfully acquired outsourcing contracts from overseas companies and are delivering services from their offshore centers in Bangladesh.

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